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Horsmonden Parish Council

Emergency Planning

Local councils around the country have started to create community emergency plans.  This is because it is felt each community is often better able than outsiders to support its residents in local emergencies.  Although emergency services would be fully involved, it is sometimes easier to focus in the right places for local people to help themselves, at least initially.

The Parish Council has been working to create a plan and this is now coming towards its final version.  We want to share the details with residents as widely as possible so you know how and where to find out about it and what we, as a community, can do to help each other.

The Plan is based on guidance from the Kent Resilience Forum and Tunbridge Wells Borough Council but it focuses specifically on our Parish.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Developing a robust coordinated approach that complements the plans of emergency services and bodies;
  • Allowing the community to support itself when outside help from the emergency services or local authority is delayed or overwhelmed;
  • Providing a single point of contact for requests made by the emergency services and the local authorities;
  • Keeping people informed so they can help themselves;
  • Ensuring as many vulnerable people as possible are contacted and assisted.

What we have done:

  • Created a document which we can share with residents, setting out plans for action in an emergency;
  • Identified local risks in our area;
  • Created a Community Emergency Team from among the Parish Council, local bodies and volunteers;
  • Considered who could be vulnerable and plan to make sure they are helped;
  • Worked with local groups to get their views about how the Plan would work.

You will find a variety of useful details, along with the current Emergency Plan on this site.


If you are able to offer assistance and support for Emergency Planning please complete this form and Privacy Notice. Drop it into the Parish Office or email it to clerk@horsmonden-pc.gov.uk

Offer of Assistance Form HPC-Emergency-Planning-Offer-of-Assistance-Form-and-Privacy-Notice.pdf 140 KB

The Kent Resilience Forum is a body which offers help and guidance in emergencies. This booklet gives advice of how to look after yourself in a wide variety of emergency situations.

What I should do in an emergency What-I-should-do-in-an-emergency-booklet.pdf 99.5 KB

Kent Resilience Forum has produced a useful document for you to make sure you have a plan for an emergency in your home. Being prepared can help reduce the effects on your life and your loved ones, reduce the need for support from others and enable you to support the vulnerable in your community.

Household Emergency Plan Household-Emergency-Plan.pdf 293.2 KB

Kent Resilience Forum encourages business to plan their business continuity for emergencies. Review the guidelines and planning suggestions.

Business Continuity Kent-Resilience-Forum---Business-Continuity-Guidance.pdf 133.5 KB