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Horsmonden Parish Council

Traffic Calming Measures

The Parish Council  worked closely with MLM consultants and Kent Highways Services  over the past year and a half  to try and find ways to make improvements in the village which enhance the safety of parishioners and road users as well as discouraging drivers from speeding .

 From these discussions, a  scheme was drawn up which included the addition of  village gateways ; a change  in position of the white lining at the crossroads on  the Lamberhurst Road;  the addition of a Speed Indicator Device (SID)  which could be used at various locations and a proposal to relocate the  30 mph zone on the Brenchley Road.

The Speed Indicator Device (SID) has now been in  operation for some months and  is used to  monitor traffic speeds and remind traffic moving through the village to keep within the speed limit ( as above). The SID also records traffic speed data which can be used at a future date if required as evidence of the volume of traffic speeding through the village. Detailed data is taken from the SID monthly and can be found at the foot of this page. 

The designs for the new village gateways have now been approved and these have been ordered from Kent Highways Services' suppliers and we hope to move forward with these as soon as we can.

KHS also undertook alterations at the crossroads including road surfacing and moving the white lining ( as outlined above) to improve the sight lines from the Lamberhurst Road and de-mark all four axes of the crossroads, as well as installing a new fluorescent STOP sign at the junction.

The Parish Council are most grateful to KCC for their cooperation and assistance  with all of these projects.

Unfortunately this has not prevented further incidents from occurring and it seems that drivers are still driving straight across the crossroads without stopping, on a fairy regular basis.

KHS have now undertaken further investigations and have proposed the following as potential options at the crossroads:

Red surfacing with granite sets and/or double yellow lines around the corners of the junction. 

The Parish Council discussed these potential options at their meeting on Monday 3rd December and responded as follows:

‘The Parish Council has no objection to the use of red surfacing and granite sets, in fact they would encourage it. They would like KHS to pursue improved signage, including a vehicular activated flashing sign added to the current advanced warning sign located 100m from the junction on the Lamberhurst Road, as well as  permanent illumination of the  STOP sign, on the approach from the Lamberhurst direction. The view of the Parish Councillors was that they would not support the implementation of double yellow lines at the junction’.

KHS will now make further investigations based on this information and upon the outcome of the independent safety audits which they will instruct to be carried out at the junction.