Committee/Liaison Groups

Business/Retail Liaison 

Cllrs Richards

Emergency Planning Group

Cllrs Davis, Russell, Jenkinson, Larkin and Currie   

Finance/Risk Assessment Committee

Cllrs Russell, Davis, Richards and March (Chair-Cllr Russell)

Footpaths (Lost & Forgotten Footpaths) Liaison 

Cllrs Larkin and Sheppard

Environmental & Sustainability Group

Cllrs Jenkinson, Sheppard, March and Larkin

Highways and Lighting Working Group

Cllrs Davis, Sheppard and Russell 

Horsefair and Police Liaison 

Cllrs March, Currie and Larkin

Horsmonden Village Events Committee liaison (HoVEC)

Cllr March 

Institute Building Liaison 

Cllrs Davis, Richards and Russell


KALC Representative/Liaison 

Cllr Richards (reserve Cllr Currie)

Village Green Custodians / Liaison Group 

Cllrs March and Larkin 

Neighbourhood Planning Liaison

Cllrs Jenkinson (liaison officer) and Richards

Personnel Committee

Cllrs Davis, Jenkinson, March and Russell

Planning Committee

Cllrs Richards, Davis, Jenkinson, Sheppard, March, Russell, Larkin and Currie (Chair - Cllr Richards & Vice Chair - Cllr Larkin)

Sports Ground Liaison 

Cllrs Davis and Richards

Village Hall Trustees

Cllrs Russell and Jenkinson

School Liaison

Cllr Davis